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Turbo10 Cricket

HHAC have created an activity like no other! We have taken the English classic and added our very own Xtreme twists. It’s a perfect activity for Cricket lovers! Turbo 10 Cricket is a new and exciting way of playing cricket with your mates on your stag do or your corporate/team building day out. It is also a great way to introduce Cricket in a unique way to kids at their parties.

Turbo 10 cricket is played with a soft ball and is user friendly for all involved. From scoring 20 from one ball, to batting an unlimited amount of times, playing forfeits and playing your joker, this game is perfectly suited to all sorts of participants young or old, male or female!

You don’t need to know how to play Cricket to play Turbo 10 Cricket, it certainly helps but we base our activities on participation so everyone can enjoy what Turbo 10 Cricket has to offer.


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