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School Activity Days

Welcome to the HHAC Schools Project!

Empowering Education, Inspiring Adventure

At Horsenden Hill Activity Centre (HHAC), our commitment to education and adventure extends beyond our center with our dedicated Schools Project. Having hosted over 60 local school activity days in 2023 within the London Borough of Ealing and beyond, we take pride in creating memorable learning experiences both at HHAC and on school grounds.

A Journey of Joy and Learning

Our passionate coaching team, comprised of professional DBS certified event coordinators, has been instrumental in crafting engaging session plans, seamlessly executing quality events, and contributing to unforgettable moments within the community. It's been a journey filled with joy, exploration, and meaningful connections.

Gratitude to All Involved

A heartfelt Thank You goes out to everyone involved in making the HHAC Schools Project a success. Your commitment and enthusiasm have played a crucial role in shaping the positive impact we bring to the community.

Continuing the Adventure

As we look ahead to the future, the adventure continues with the HHAC Schools Project. Explore our School Full Day Package, tailored to entertain and educate students. Bookings are now open for the upcoming year, offering a perfect blend of learning and fun.

Experience the Day with Seamless Planning!

On the day of your event, our expert coaching team ensures a dynamic and engaging experience. Here's how:

Divide and Conquer: Our coaching team strategically splits the large group into smaller, more interactive units. This allows for personalized attention and a richer experience for every participant.

Activity Rotation: Students will seamlessly rotate between the exciting activities we offer. Each zone promises a unique adventure, ensuring everyone gets a taste of the fun.

Well-Timed Breaks: Incorporated between each activity zone are well-timed breaks. This not only provides a breather but adds a rhythm to the day's events. Plus, a longer break is set aside for a delightful lunchtime experience.

Food Options: Students have the choice to pre-order delicious meals from the clubhouse or bring their packed lunch, catering to individual preferences and dietary needs.

Safety First: With 4-8 DBS certified coaches, comprehensive risk assessments for all activities, and public liability insurance, we prioritize safety at every step. A designated first aid appointed person is on standby to address any unforeseen needs.

Comfortable Seating: Whether indoors or outdoors, we offer comfortable seating options. Relax and enjoy the event in a setting tailored for your comfort.

Flexible Schedule: We are at your service seven days a week, ensuring flexibility to accommodate your preferred event date.

Seamless, safe, and full of excitement — that's how we make your event day memorable!

SCHOOL AWAY DAYS - Bringing the Event to You!

At HHAC, we're always delighted to bring the event to you, whether it's a standard 1-hour party or an end-of-year school BBQ for 1000 people. Our nationwide event options cater to special occasions, offering unique team-building days designed together with you.

Our professional DBS certified event coordinators will set up beforehand, ensuring a seamless experience. Contact HHAC to discuss a wide range of exciting events, tailor your package, and start designing your event today. #HHACSchoolsProject #LearningAdventure #EducationForAll #CommunityImpact

Choose your event activities?

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Speak to our Events Team today!

All parties include a private seating area for your event and provide the perfect setting for your after party antics! You are welcome to sit down, cut the cake, relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of HHAC, have a beer and chill with friends, whatever setting you're looking for HHAC is the place to be.

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