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Mega Disco Bouncy Castle

Introducing the MEGA DISCO BOUNCY CASTLE (MDBC) - Unleash the Party Extravaganza!

Get ready to turn up the celebration vibes! Due to overwhelming demand last season, we're thrilled to announce the addition of the MEGA DISCO BOUNCY CASTLE (MDBC) to our lineup, now available for your next special occasion.

MDBC Magic:

Massive Dimensions: Unleash the fun with a colossal 25 x 25 feet of bouncy delight!
Disco Fever: Comes complete with a professional PA system and its very own disco ball, setting the stage for a dance-filled extravaganza.

Party Highlights:

Perfect for Large Groups: Accommodating up to 30 participants, it's a party for everyone!
Supervised Fun: Our coaching team ensures a safe and lively experience, rotating players on and off the inflatable.

Private Event Setup:

Hassle-Free Arrangements: The events team will set up your private event area next to the clubhouse.
Picnic Bliss: Enjoy 3 x 8 seater picnic tables, creating a cozy and festive atmosphere.


1st Hour £250: Dive into the excitement!
2nd & 3rd Hours £125 Each: Extend the thrill for more fun!

📆 Event Essentials:

Maximum 30 Participants: Ensure everyone gets a piece of the party action!
1 to 3-Hour Event: Choose the duration that suits your celebration.
Professional HHAC Supervisor: A dedicated supervisor to ensure a smooth and safe party.
Private Event Area with Seating: Relax and enjoy the festivities in comfort.
Get ready to ignite your celebration with the MEGA DISCO BOUNCY CASTLE at HHAC! It's time to party like never before.


Speak to our Events Team today!

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