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Toddler Soft Ball Play Pen

The HHAC Party Playzone with Curved Ball Pond is designed to provide hours of entertainment for young children and toddlers. These interactive play zones have gained popularity among juniors due to the immense fun and joy they offer. More than just a source of entertainment, these play zones actively encourage learning and development through play. Additionally, they create a conducive environment for parents and toddlers to interact and play together.

Key Features:

Entertainment: The playzone promises hours of engaging entertainment for young children.
Learning and Development: Through various activities within the playzone, children can enhance their cognitive and motor skills, fostering overall development.
Interactive Environment: The design of the playzone encourages interaction between parents and toddlers, fostering a sense of connection and shared play.

£150 for the 1st Hour
£99 for Every Additional Hour
For a delightful and enriching play experience for your little ones, consider the HHAC Party Playzone with Curved Ball Pond. Contact our team to book this interactive playzone for your next event!


Speak to our Events Team today!

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