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Junior Olympics

The Junior Indoor & Outdoor Olympics is an ideal event for hosting large birthday parties and junior groups. This engaging event is crafted to involve everyone, ensuring spirited competition from the very beginning. The atmosphere is lively, and the room is filled with excitement during the games.

Featuring 8 Junior Olympic Zones:

Table Tennis
Air Hockey
Table Football
Traditional Darts
Giant Connect 4
At the commencement of the Olympics, the coaching team will divide the group into 4, 6, or 8 teams, adjusting based on group size. The HHAC coordinators will open the appropriate number of zones to accommodate the teams. Throughout the 1.5-hour event, teams will rotate around the games room, playing all 8 Junior Olympic activities and facing different opponents in each game. This event promises great fun and offers the flexibility of being held indoors or outdoors, ensuring the party proceeds seamlessly regardless of the weather. We highly recommend this event for your next occasion. (Juniors U16).

This event package includes a 1.5-hour session hosted by a professional coordinator, with medals awarded to the winning team.


Up to 20 players: £299
Up to 30 players: £389
Up to 40 players: £439
Up to 50 players: £499
Additional players: £15 per person
For an unforgettable and flexible event that combines fun and competition, contact our events team to book the Junior Indoor & Outdoor Olympics today!


Speak to our Events Team today!

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