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Old School Sports Day

Old School Sports Day Events are tailored for groups ranging from 10 to 100 adults, promising a fantastic experience that blends nostalgia with competitive fun.

Event Highlights:

Nostalgic Fun: Transporting you back to your junior school days, Old School Sports Day Events feature classic games with a humorous twist, ensuring a trip down memory lane with added excitement.
Competitive Edge: Embrace the competitive spirit as you and your team vie for those coveted bragging rights, engaging in activities that are not only entertaining to participate in but also hilarious to watch.
Event Coordinators: Our friendly professional event coordinators inject enthusiasm and expertise, ensuring your day is not only memorable but also smoothly orchestrated.
Prizes: In true Sports Day fashion, prizes will be awarded, adding an extra layer of motivation to give your best performance and avoid the wooden spoon.
The Relays:
Experience a range of entertaining and engaging relays, including but not limited to:

Giant Egg & Spoon Race
Bean Bag Race
Skipping Race
3-Legged Race
Caterpillar Ring Race
Sack Race
Giant Sausage Race
Hula Hoop Relay
Puzzle Cubes
Binocular Slalom
Space Hopper Race
Goggle Relay
Full Team Relay
Tug Of War
Old School Sports Day Events are designed for laughter, camaraderie, and friendly competition. Contact our team today to plan a memorable day of adult sports day festivities!


Speak to our Events Team today!

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