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Adult BZA

Introducing Battle Zone Archery (BZA) – the ultimate event for entertaining large groups of active adults!

At BZA, participants immerse themselves in an intense battle zone format, engaging in a series of competitive games. Led by professional coordinators, teams are guided through an introduction on how to skilfully shoot foam-tipped arrows with bows. Once everyone is confident with their aim and firing techniques, the games kick off.

Throughout each battle, teams strive to achieve goals and accumulate points. The ultimate victor is the team with the most points at the end of the session. This event is highly recommended for energetic adult groups, and protective equipment is provided.

Choose from our flexible packages:

BZA 60 Minutes for £250
BZA 90 Minutes for £325
BZA 120 Minutes for £399
Each package includes bows, protective masks, bunkers, bombs, arrows, arm guiders, and a professional coordinator to host the games and session. Additionally, enjoy a private seating area as part of your event at Horsenden Hill Activity Centre.

Create your ultimate event package by combining activities and make lasting memories at Horsenden Hill!


Speak to our Events Team today!

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