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Inflatable Games

The home for this event is
Horsenden Hill Activity Centre in Ealing / Greenford which is highly advisable for this event as the venue has a breath-taking view of Wembley stadium and the city of London. Although this is the home of Inflatable Games, we can offer this game nationwide for corporate and teambuilding
events only.

As a mixture of stags and hens, you will lock horns, as you compete in the super colourful 4 quadrants of Inflatables Games. Each game offers something
completely different, testing your team for speed, mental ability and endurance whilst keeping huge smiles on everybody’s faces!

Those giant sacks and sausages are much harder than they look! As a Corporate/Team building
event you will want to bring your A-game to put your
colleagues in their place on this inflatable assault course. Will you be triumphant, or will you be
presented with the world’s
smallest violin?

Inflatable Games is a must for teambuilding as we
put on an event like no other. We can guarantee that you will leave the event laughing and smiling.

You will not regret getting in contact with us and booking your event! Once your event is booked, queue the Rocky theme tune because it’s going to be hard work beating your opposition.


Speak to our Events Team today!

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