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Junior Clubhouse Games

Clubhouse Games offers the perfect entertainment for the post-cake celebration. Packed with silly, fun, and hilarious group tasks, this indoor event is an excellent choice for your special occasion.

Upon arrival, the coaching team will organize the party into four teams: Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue. Each team will have their private table in the clubhouse, and in the front of the room, there will be four separate team booths. On each team's table, there will be 12 mystery boxes numbered 1 to 10. At the beginning of each task, the host will draw a number, and the teams will open the corresponding box, revealing the equipment needed for the challenge. The teams will then select 1 or 2 players to conduct the challenge at their team booth.

Throughout the rounds, teams will accumulate points, and at the end of the challenges, the team with the highest points will be crowned the champions. This 1.5-hour event is hosted by a professional coordinator.

Pricing is as follows:

Up to 20 players: £249
Up to 30 players: £325
Up to 40 players: £389
Additional players: £12 per person
Prepare for a memorable indoor adventure filled with laughter and friendly competition – contact our events team today to book your customized and unforgettable Clubhouse Games experience!


Speak to our Events Team today!

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