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Giant Inflatable Obstacle Course

Introducing the ideal party option for families looking to entertain a large group of people for a special event. By far our most popular birthday party activity, this event is guaranteed to be a success.

Giant Obstacle Course Highlights:

Size: The Giant Obstacle Course measures an impressive 20 meters by 5 meters, making it a captivating centerpiece for your event.
Entrance Excitement: The adventure begins with a tunnel filled with obstacles and jumps, offering a dynamic start to the course that requires lots of ducking and diving.
Climb and Slide: Children will navigate through the course, reaching the climax at the wall. Here, they'll need to climb to the top, where a giant slide awaits, providing a thrilling escape from the Giant Obstacle Course.
Supervised Fun:

A dedicated HHAC coordinator will supervise the children throughout the inflatable sessions, ensuring a structured and safe party experience.
Group Bookings:

For group bookings of 20 or more people, we recommend including additional coordinators in the package or nominating a parent to help supervise the children.
Event Details:

Maximum 50 Participants: Accommodating large groups, with a maximum of 50 participants.
1 to 3 Hour Event: Choose the duration that suits your celebration – the 1st Hour priced at £250, with the option to extend for an additional £125 per hour for the 2nd and 3rd hours.
Professional HHAC Supervisor: A qualified supervisor will ensure the safety and enjoyment of all participants.
Private Event Area with Seating: Enjoy a designated space with seating for your party attendees.
For an unforgettable and engaging celebration, consider the Giant Obstacle Course. Contact our team today to secure this exciting inflatable for your upcoming event!


Speak to our Events Team today!

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