Team Building Events

Everybody knows that a successful business is only as good as its’ employees. Every member of staff needs to feel part of the team. It's therefore very important that all members of staff feel valued as part of the team.

Team Building events allow the participants to relax and socialize in a competitive team game. The events are designed to enhance social relations and define roles within teams. Lots of social interaction and fun entertainment throughout.

Team Building Events at Horsenden Hill are action-packed and a great laugh. Even the quiet one gets involved,   the atmosphere is happening and everyone's up for the task. It amazing to see how competitive people can be especially the ones that say they aren't.

So if you're planning a team-building event this season Horsenden Hill has something for you... Event packages are tailored to the client's request. Catering options and indoor/outdoor event areas available.



Team Building event options. 



Pitch n Putt Golf

Bubble Football

Battle Zone Archery

Xtreme DodgeBall

Xtreme Bullseye

Xtreme Turbo Ten Cricket

Xtreme Games

Pub Olympics

OMG (Office Mind Games)

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